Player Registration

All players must register and accept the HK Memorial Hockey Tournament waiver to be eligible to participate in the tournament. Any players that have not registered prior to the tournament date could risk not being allowed to partake in the tournament. It is important to properly fill out the information below and ensure that all fields are completed correctly. This information will be used to appropriately seed your team in their respective divisions.

Players are allowed to play on no more than two different teams in the tournament but they must register on those teams prior to the tournament date. Any player found in violation of this will be ineligible to play in the tournament.

NOTE: When completing this information and signing the wavier, each individual player accepts all responsibility and acknowledges that all information is correct. If any information is falsified or incorrect, the player could be banned from the tournament for one year or longer; with the decision being at the discretion of the HK Committee.

Fields marked with an * are required


Please register your information online and check the waiver box at the bottom of the page to acknowledge that you have read this waiver and understand and agree to the stated terms of the waiver. Any player who does not agree to the terms of this waiver will not be permitted to participate.

i) I agree to participate in the above named tournament knowingly and understanding the risks of physical injury that may occur during the game of hockey. I will not hold any member of the tournament committee, Peel Regional Police Service, Peel Regional Police Association, City of Brampton, or the CAA Centre to any liability if I am injured during the course of the tournament. I understand that if I do not agree to the terms nor acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms in the waiver, that I will not be permitted to participate

ii) I am responsible for any and all medical costs incurred as result of any injury at the HK Memorial Hockey Tournament. I acknowledge that if I reside outside the Province of Ontario, it is my responsibility to purchase adequate travel and health insurance.

iii) This tournament is for emergency personnel only and I hereby acknowledge that I am currently one of the following:

1. Active/Retired Police Officer
2. Active/Retired Military members
3. Full- time civilian employee of a police service
4. Peace Officer including Arson Investigators, Correction Services, CBSA
5. Firefighter or Paramedic or;
6. In possession of a written ineligible player exemption from the HK Committee

iv) Identification checks will be performed prior to each game. If I fail to present identification that clearly classifies myself as an eligible player, I will not be permitted to participate. If I am deemed ineligible, I will be immediately expelled from the tournament.

v) I understand if I knowingly allow or fail to report a player who is not an eligible member to play in the tournament without prior written authorization of the HK Committee that both myself and my team may be immediately expelled from the tournament, and may be subject to further suspension and monetary fines.

vi) I understand that any abuse of officials, volunteers or arena conveners and staff will result in immediate expulsion from the tournament.

vii) The failure of my team to attend for any scheduled game will result in an immediate expulsion from the tournament, a 1 year suspension for all players, and a $250 penalty surcharge to re-enter the tournament. No player from the suspended team will be permitted to register with another team in the future.

viii) Any fighting will result in an immediate game suspension. If I am deemed by a referee to be a fighting instigator, I will be expelled from the tournament. In either case, further suspension may be levied by the HK Committee.